All There Is To Know About A Handlebar Grip

The role of a handlebar grip is immense as it contributes a lot to a smooth and hazardless ride. Still, many bike owners do not pay attention to the handlebar grips. This very blog by the renowned supplier of motorcycle parts in the Philippines is all about the snippets of handlebar grips.

What is the importance of good handlebar grips?

  • Keeping balance while riding a bike is one of the important aspects. The grip attached to the handlebar helps a biker to keep his/her balance while riding safely.
  • A damaged handlebar grip can even cause accidents on the road.
  • Handlebar grips provide comfort to the hands of the biker. A good handlebar grip eliminates the possibility of hand cramps also.

If you find any abnormality in your handlebar grip, look for a new one for your motorcycle.

What to consider when buying handlebar grips?

When you want to replace your old handlebar grips with new ones, consider the following facts before buying them.

  • Price rate: The costs of handlebar grips vary from each other, depending on multiple factors such as material, shape and look, functionality, and moreover its performance.

Check the standard price rate of handlebar grips with the help of the internet or talk to the experts of motor parts in the Philippines.

  • Performance: Do not rush behind trendy style and fashion. Examine the performance first, and then choose one for your motorcycle. Because, the steering, control, and balance of a motorcycle mostly depend on the handlebar grips. This is why the functionality or the performance of this particular motor part should gain more attention than its looks and appearance.
  • Purpose and fitting: before selecting handlebar grips for your motorcycle, make an assessment of its purpose. Because different motorbikes need different handlebar grips. As an instance, it can be said that the handlebar grips for a racing bike differ from the usual everyday motorbikes. Hence, before you choose one for your bike, scrutinize properly if it fits on your motorcycle or not.
  • Personal fondness: Your personal preferences matter a lot because, in the end, you are going to ride your bike, nobody else. Hence, you have all the rights to pay attention to your own preferences. As an example, some riders prefer thick grips, while some are fond of thinner grips. Choose your type just as you want. But, do not forget to check its comfort. It is indeed important.

What about the maintenance of handlebar grips?

Everything in this world needs proper maintenance. So do the handlebar grips. Remember, the more you would maintain the parts, the more they would run for a long time.

  • Give your handlebar grips a regular clean-up so that no dirt can take a seat and reduce the longevity.
  • Make sure that your handlebar grips are moisture-free and dry. Moisture can degrade the performance of the grips.

For any other queries, get in touch with CSL. We have a greater range of quality motor parts in the Philippines. Start shopping with us to get any kind of motorcycle parts at reasonable prices.




A car enthusiast living on earth. I love to research and write some articles on automobiles and its services. Like to explore some automobiles materials.

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Libayan Jovitnizers

Libayan Jovitnizers

A car enthusiast living on earth. I love to research and write some articles on automobiles and its services. Like to explore some automobiles materials.

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