Why Keeping A Spare Tire In Your Car So Important?

Libayan Jovitnizers
3 min readOct 28, 2019

Nowadays, we all have cars and we know how to drive. But do you know you should always keep a spare tire in your car? Keeping a spare tire is always important. It can save time from searching for the tire store while you’re helpless and also save you from danger. They are typically lighter and smaller in size than the standard wheels on your car, which means they can be easily stowed away until they are needed without adding additional weight to your vehicle.

Spare tyres can prove invaluable in an emergency. You can use your spare wheel to help you get safely home or to a place of repair so you can properly assess the situation. They are a very useful and practical alternative to inflator kits or sealants, which require some expertise to operate and can result in damage to your tyres if used improperly.

No one can predict getting a flat tire. The truth is, flat tires are a fact of life, especially when driving on the highway. Debris from trucks and other cars end up on the roads of the highway all of the time. Some of the debris can be sharp, posing a risk for tires that run over it. Sometimes, flat tires are just unavoidable.

When flats do happen, having a spare tire and the tools to put it on becoming incredibly handy. Now, the driver does not have to wait and spend money on getting the car towed and taken to an auto shop. Instead, the car can drive away as if nothing happened, saving both time and money.

No tire lasts forever. In fact, the experts in a good tire store recommend changing tires every three to five years, depending on how often the car is used. When money is tight and a new tire can’t be bought right away, the spare tire can be used for a limited amount of time. This is useful for when the driver still needs to go to work, run errands and handle other daily tasks. Keep in mind that spares aren’t meant for high speeds.

The only drawback to using a spare tire is that many spares are significantly smaller than the rest of the car’s tires, especially if the spare came with the car. Spare tires are not suitable for high speeds, making them unsafe to use on the highway for an extended period of time. Spare tires are not meant to replace the original tire.

Check your tire condition before you start your journey. Replace old tires if there are excessive tread wear, discolouration, or cracked sidewalls. Visit any tire store near you to check your car tires condition in every few months.



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