Performance Tires: Know The Features Of This Passenger Car Tires

Performance tires are used in most cars for passenger car tires. In the Philippines, you will find these passenger car tires in every good quality tire store. There are several different categories to performance tires. These are all-season performance tires, high-performance tires, ultra-high-performance tires and ultra-high-performance SUV tires. But whatever the category the basic features of a performance tire is all same. If you plan to go to the tire store very soon to buy a passenger car tire, make sure you get to know the features of these performance tires before you choose any type of tire.

Traction Or Grip

This is the most important feature that a performance tire offers to the car. When you are driving on the road, the tires are the only part that touches the road. So the tires must have the capacity to grip the ground hard. The more the grip of your passenger car tire on the road the better would be your ability to brake, turn, accelerate, and stay stable with high speed. A good quality tire store will always keep these things in mind and along with with it the weather and the road conditions.


Performance tires are famous for their well-known longevity. No one like to visit the tire store to change the tires again and again. It is both time-consuming and expensive. This is why passenger car tires are the trendiest of all. Although the longevity of performance tires vary in all categories. For eg: high-performance tires have a lower tread life than others as its basic function is traction. But it mostly depends on where you are driving and how much you are driving every day and whether you take good care of your tire or not.

Fuel Efficiency

Did you know tires have a huge impact on a car’s fuel consumption due to its friction on the road? Performance tires are made of materials that reduce the friction with the road which is also known as low rolling resistance. This, in turn, makes the tires fuel-efficient.


As much as it depends on the quality of the driving, handling of the car depends on its tires too. How well you can steer, accelerate and brake has a direct connection to the wheels. Passenger car tire, especially the high-performance tires can maximize the handling performance and the steering and cornering of the car.

Comfort And Noise

Everyone likes comfort, especially during driving. Performance tires are built to provide comfort to car drivers. They are designed specially to absorb rough bumps on the road. Also, the most annoying thing we find on the road is if a car makes a lot of noise. The performance tires have a high-quality tread design that allows only minimal noise while driving.


Make sure your passenger car tires have robustness. Performance tires have the toughness the enables them to overcome everyday road hazards. If you drive mostly on rough and unpaved roads then look for good quality performance tires in the tire stores.

All these features can give you a smooth ride which is ultimately the aim for every driver. So, buy only the best quality passenger car tires which are performance tires from your favourite tire store.




A car enthusiast living on earth. I love to research and write some articles on automobiles and its services. Like to explore some automobiles materials.

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Libayan Jovitnizers

Libayan Jovitnizers

A car enthusiast living on earth. I love to research and write some articles on automobiles and its services. Like to explore some automobiles materials.

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