Why An Engine Oil Is Considered The Lifeblood Of A Motorcycle

No matter what kind of motorcycle you own, every motorcycle needs an engine oil to function properly. An engine oil is a necessary part of a motorcycle’s engine as it ensures that the engine is well-lubricated to function as efficiently as possible. The function of engine oil is to protect your bike’s engine against wear and tear by reducing the friction between the moving parts of the two-wheeler.
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Here’s how an engine oil helps your favorite motorcycle to run smoothly for endless kilometres.

An engine oil,

Lubricates the engine and other motor parts

As a bike owner or dealer, you probably know how important it is to lubricate the engine and other important parts of the motorcycle. A lubricated engine performs much better and ensures safer rides to the riders. Proper lubrication also prevents friction thus increasing the life expectancy of your motorcycle parts.

Increases the longevity of the engine

Engine to the motorcycle is what brain is to the human body. Without your bike’s engine, your motorcycle cannot function so it is paramount to take better care of your motorbike’s engine. Using an engine oil can increase the life of your engine so that your bike lasts for more years.

Filters the engine

The engine can accumulate dirt and foreign impurities upon use. When an engine oil is used, it collects the contaminants and tiny chiselled metal filings and deposits the same in the oil filter of the motorcycle.

Saves fuel

An engine oil takes fuel efficiency into account by reducing friction in the motor parts and preventing CO2 emissions.

Improves the motorbike’s performance

Engine oil helps in keeping your bike up-to-date by making your motor parts work smoothly by taking up less fuel. The oil also prevents your vehicle parts from corrosion and keeps the engine cool when exposed to higher temperatures.

There are basically two types of engine oil for motorcycles — Mineral Oil (Crude Petroleum Oil) and Synthetic Oil (Chemically-derived Oil). Nowadays, we even find Semi-Synthetic engine oil which is an amalgamation of both mineral and synthetic oil. Part-synthetic engine oil is highly preferred for 125–180 cc medium-sized engines. You should choose Mineral oil if you have an old motorcycle and Fully Synthetic Oil when you own a high-powered motorbike.

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A car enthusiast living on earth. I love to research and write some articles on automobiles and its services. Like to explore some automobiles materials.

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Libayan Jovitnizers

Libayan Jovitnizers

A car enthusiast living on earth. I love to research and write some articles on automobiles and its services. Like to explore some automobiles materials.

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